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Arycom is a provider of satellite voice and broadband data solutions to the aviation industry. Our objective is to meet aircraft operators’ demands for complete connectivity solutions both in the cabin and in the cockpit.

Our portfolio includes data connectivity & messaging, high-speed broadband internet, voice (telephony), hardware retrofit, STC certifications, flight planning & flight safety (Datalink), GeoTracking, ACARS, mobile apps & tools, and more.


Business Aviation

Our communications services for business aviation meet the different needs of pilots (cockpit) and passengers (cabin), allowing them to establish data connections at different speeds in addition to enabling voice communications and messaging applications. Arycom provides comprehensive on-line and onsite support to our customers in the Americas, and, through our partners, worldwide.

Applications & Services

Government and Armed Forces

With Global coverage, the services offered and implemented by Arycom for both Military and Government Aviation are the most reliable in the market.

With aeronautical services, Arycom guarantees heads of state and transit authorities a constant connection to decision-making at critical moments.

In Military operations, by means of satellite communication systems, it is possible to send real-time and high-resolution (HD) images collected by aircraft in regions of conflict or affected by disasters. This allows for better coordination of rescue operations, tactical movements and decision making.


Applications / Services


Commercial Aviation

Our services allow passengers to make voice calls and access the Internet. They also ensure the safety of the flight, as they allow pilots and their teams to maintain contact with air traffic control services, access weather information, plot more efficient routes and inform the position and aircraft operational status, in real time, to ground staff.


Applications & Services



Arycom solutions meet the communication needs of rescue and tour helicopters.


For specific applications contact Arycom via telephone +55 11 3051 3001 or by email:

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