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Media companies need to be ahead of the curve to deliver news before their competitors.

The services offered by Arycom allow quick and easy access to the Internet, sending and receiving of e-mails, data, images, text and voice.

This satellite technology allows you to assemble teams and offices, even while in motion, sharing high-speed broadband networks, telephony with top sound quality and stability, location services via GPS and the ability to conduct live broadcasts in inhospitable places with extreme temperature conditions, moisture and dust .


TV Journalism

Arycom technology lets you broadcast live video transmissions, text messages, voicemail, telephony, e-mail and internet access.

It enables the production team to work with shared high speed networks, of a bandwidth up to 450 kbps, anywhere in the world (*except polar regions), in real time, even devoid of infrastructure.

The solution is fast and practical - simply connect the computer to the BGAN terminal, or 3G, and use Asign's Software,  Ansur, or an Avenir unit from Streambox, to carry live broadcast or sending of video files with SD/HD quality.

Solutions offered by Arycom:

Print Media

With the use of BGAN terminals (Broadband Global Area Network) you can establish workgroups and offices with wired or wi- fi connections in minutes, which allow sharing of Internet, data, e- mails, pictures and telephony. These connections are fast and stable even in areas without infrastructure, a communications network or grid.

BGAN or 3G technology along with Asign software from Ansur, enable transmission of images with SD/HD quality, quickly and easily, anywhere in the world.

Solutions offered by Arycom:

SD/HD point-to-point IP

Arycom provides IP solutions, more economical and more flexible, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint, with the same quality optical fibers, but via IP .

Solution offered by Arycom:

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I already have a terminal
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