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ARYCALL® allows you to place calls from any location in the world to any satellite terminal - Inmarsat, Iridium or Thuraya - be it from a fixed or cellular phone.

With ARYCALL®, you can place calls to any type of satellite terminal, be it terrestrial, maritime or aeronautical.

Key Benefits

Cost Efficient: Highly affordable fixed-to-mobile calling rates, much lower than rates for conventional calls with your local operator

All in one: available for Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya

Simple charging structure: no monthly fees or fixed network mark-ups for satellite calls through toll-free numbers. 

Reliable. 99% of calls completed successfully

Practical: Makes calling easy with features such as Calling Line Identification (CLI) and Quick Number Dialing.

Prepaid cards available

And more…

Calling Line Identification (CLI)

When an ARYCALL® call is placed, Calling Line Identification allows the system to recognize the telephone number and connect the call without the user’s 10-digit PIN code if registered. If the user’s telephone number cannot be determined by CLI, then the PIN code must be entered to complete the call. 

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Quick Number Dialing

The Quick Number dialing feature allows users to place an ARYCALL® call without having to dial the mobile number. Registered users can input up to 99 Quick Numbers. The Quick Number list is configured and controlled by the user. 

How to start using ARYCALL®

To start using ARYCALL®, users need to register with Arycom or use a prepaid card by Arycom. For more information on ARYCALL and how to place a call, please contact our Customer Care.


ARYCALL Plus® allows users to place calls directly to mobile terminals located anywhere in the world by simply dialing a pre-assigned terrestrial number, eliminating the PIN code procedures of ARYCALL®. Simply register the numbers of the satellite terminals you want to call.

In addition to the calling costs, a monthly subscription will be charged for this service.

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I already have a terminal
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