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Velaris - Arycom's Connectivity Solution for Drones and eVTOLs

Advanced Air Mobility

From tracking to full BVLOS Operations



Unlocking the potential of UAVs

A dedicated satellite communications service for UAVs and Advanced Air Mobility aircraft, allowing you to operate beyond line of sight. With Velaris, unmanned aircraft can share the skies with manned aviation – safely and seamlessly.

RPA Security Service


  • Command and Control (C2)

  • UTM/ANSP Integration

  • Voice Relay

  • Real-time position reporting

  • Identification


  • Video surveillance

  • Support Services

  • Aircraft Health Monitoring

  • Cargo Services

Connecting unmanned aircraft through Velaris provides access to a wide range of critical data.

A structured suite of high-value-added connectivity and on-demand security services will enable operators to access previously off-limits commercial airspace, opening up a wide range of opportunities.

Let's do it together

In the world of uncrewed aviation, every cubic centimetre and every kilogram counts. Which is why Velaris features the most compact terminal on the market. In fact, our Next Generation UAV satcom terminals fit right in the palm of your hand. And with highly reliable, always-on connectivity, you’re guaranteed communication with your uncrewed aircraft. So you can harness all the new Velaris services, like video surveillance and health monitoring – no matter where you fly.

Key Features

Key features
Size 116 x 116 mm (4.6 x 4.6”)
Height <50 mm (2”)
Weight <300g (10.6oz)
Power 5.7W
– Complete satcom terminal
including antenna
– ELERA Class 4, software
upgradable to Class 16
– Available as Hybrid terminal
with global cellular
– Optional on-board
applications processor
– Built in ATC and
LTE Filtering

Support Services


Real-Time Poistion Reporting

Video Surveillance


Much more than a connection

When you connect your uncrewed aircraft through Velaris, you access a whole range of new possibilities. With a suite of value-add, on-demand connectivity and safety services, you can finally turn commercial airspace into commercial opportunity.

No other communication service can match the all-weather reliability of Velaris alongside C2, UTM, HD video, end-to-end encryption and terminals suitable for the vast majority of commercial UAVs. And all with a single connection.


Payload Services


UTM/ANSP Integration

Command Control