Pivotal to any operation is to have reliable connectivity that will perform no matter what the circumstances of the operation.

To meet the needs of rescue operations, media reporting in remote or dangerous areas or executive transportation it is essential to have a solution in place for inflight connectivity that is affordable and will provide your rotorcraft with voice, global data reporting, flight tracking and fleet management.

Arycom provides the Rotorcraft industry with solutions for complete inflight connectivity. No matter the size or type of Rotorcraft we help you to safer, more efficient flight operations, no matter the destination. How do we do: We contribute to rotorcraft operations through: 

  • Pole to pole coverage on the ground and in the air provided at competitive rates, supporting Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) and Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) FAA requirements.
  • Equipment and antenna specially adapted for easy installation and to minimize drag on the aircraft. 
  • Solutions developed to meet the requirements for engine management and regulatory compliance also to provide operations with information on tracking, exception reporting, trending data, alerts and alarms.
  • Connectivity to allow passengers stay connected and manage work tasks, important updates and information. 

The modern commercial aviation segment requires a complete set of new services that encompass complete managed connectivity solutions supporting the entire value chain.

Increasing security through enhanced services for flight platforms and operations, providing better asset utilization and offering passengers access to high-speed connectivity, real-time information and entertainment are now mandatory requirements. Arycom provides the commercial aviation industry with cutting-edge solutions for on-board connectivity, operations and general security. We allow access to faster and more secure communications, along with a series of new applications for crew and cockpit and air traffic management, allowing airlines to optimize their overall operations, safety, punctuality and add value through a complete level of entertainment experience for passengers.

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