Streambox Avenir Mini 5

Camera Mountable Mobile Streaming Decoder


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Designed for broadcasters and other media organization, the Streambox AVENIR Mini 5 is a camera-mountable mobile live video encoder. The lightweight encoder provides enhanced bonded connectivity capabilities with various network types including cellular and WiFi. The compact, low-power device offers significantly more efficient encoding for HD streaming, and is designed to provide easy integration and outstanding quality.

The Streambox Signal Extenders are modular addons to AVENIR Mini 5, providing extended signal coverage for areas with poor 3G/4G networks, expanding on the numerous connectivity options available and allowing for enhanced capabilities, reliability, and redundancy.

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  • Software includes mobile web UI for ease of use and operations
  • ACT-L3 video codec provides superior video quality at a lower data rate
  • Mobile hardware consumes low power for extended long battery life
  • HD-SDI/HDMI video subsystem
  • 1-4 hour battery life (depending on battery type)
  • IFB channel and volumes selection
  • Weighs only 1.1 kg/2.2 lbs
  • 5 embedded 3G/4G/LTE modems
  • Compatible with all Streambox Signal Extenders
  • LCD touch screen makes it easy to monitor both encoder and networking performance
  • LED lights with different colors give continuous status of encoding performance
  • Seamlessly works with Streambox Cloud Service and Streambox players
  • Support for industry standard V-mount or G-mount batteries.
  • 12 volt and AC adapter universal power


Streambox Avenir Mini 5 Manual

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